Name: Rana Al-Batrawi



Born in Gaza in 1983. She received her Bachelor degree in Arts Education from Alaqsa University. Rana is interested in the Arts and specifically in sculpture. She presented her work in two solo exhibitions: The Cactus Flower 2011 and The Earth’s Ember 2016. She also facilitated sculpting workshops for children in the Qattan Center for the Child in Gaza. Al-Batrawi was a representative member of Palestine in Art-Femin association in Turkey in 2015. 

She participated in different training courses for sculpture, recycling and drawing for children. Rana also received 60 hours of training in the Creative Team within the program Palestinian Community Assistance in May 2012. In addition to participating in an advanced course in educational methods, frameworks and practical applications in arts education in 2005 by the Visual Artists Association. Al-Batrawi joined a puppet making and children drawing analysis course, supervised by a German team in collaboration with the Qattan Center for Child. Rana participated in drawing development and recycling program for art in 2004.  

Al-Batrawi was trained in Entrepreneurship and Marketing with Mercy Corps in 2012. She partook in the program “Bazar for Entrepreneurial Women 2016-2017” in Jerusalem with the American Consulate. In addition to a workshop “Thinking the Artistic Work” within the program of training and development conducted by Shababeek for Contemporary Art in 2018. Rana was also a participant in the artists’ club auction in Jerusalem and in Qalandia Biennale in Gaza-2018. She was also a member of the jury for the drawing competition in Zakher Association – Gaza 2014. She participated in several exhibitions, workshops and festivals between 2004-2018 in several cities in Palestine and abroad. 


size: 100x70x1.3cm

year: 2019

Price: $1500

History of Palestine

size: 30x35x1.5cm

year: 2019

Price: $800

The collar of life

size: 29x29x1.5cm

year: 2019

Price: $900


size: 25x10.5x18cm

year: 2019

Price: $1500

Abstain easy

size: 18.5x24x15.5cm

year: 2019

Price: $1000

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