Name: Mohammad AlKrunz


was born in Jordan, and works and lives in Al-Bureij camp, Gaza. Although holding a BA in sociology and political science, he works as a professional visual artist, beginning his artistic career with talent and developing that with practice through many technical courses, such as using charcoal, pencil and oil painting in 1992 in the YMCA studio in the Gaza Strip. There he experimented with most techniques and styles, especially realism, and symbolic realism, and began to develop finding his own style, integrating some of the art school methods in a contemporary manner. He found himself adopting a special style and technique, pointillism, or the colour spot in the composition of the artwork, but with impressionist tendencies, through multiple formulas, which interact in a kind of overlapping, with a formative knowledge balance, the bulk of which emerges from his real, expressive and impressionistic field. With his experience in realistic art transforming the alphabet of things with a sensual and expressive style and various subjects, and taking from the characters, nature and buildings realistic content, he develops these and forms an artistic icon and style of his own, concerned with art that has a strong message at the local, regional and international levels. He has participated in many local and international exhibitions and competitions, and had a solo exhibition, ‘It Was Beautiful’, in the YMCA hall in 2017.

the Melody of life

size: 118x152 cm

year: 2021

Price: $2880

Saber and Sabreen

size: 150x105 cm

year: 2019

Price: $2280

Home back

size: 150x105

year: 2018

Price: $2280

Lady Earth

size: 140x98 cm

year: 2021

Price: $3000


size: 150x116 cm

year: 2021

Price: $2400

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