Name: Manal Mahamaid


is a multidisciplinary Palestinian artist, She was born 1976, in Mu'awiya, a Palestinian village, one of Umm El-Fahem's town villages.

She earned her Master's in fine arts at the University of Haifa in 2006 and obtained a degree in Museology and Curation from Tel Aviv university four years later. Since 1996, she works across video, instillation Painting and Photography. At present, she lives in Haifa. She had taught Art at the international academy in Ramallah (2015-2016). In 2007, she had won the artist residence prize at the Delfina Foundation.

Manal Mahamid has exhibited in London, Chicago, Cairo, Difsseldorf, Haifa, Ramallah, Um El-Fahim, Jericho in over 50 group exhibitions.

During the last two years, Mahamid had focused on her artistic research -"Work in Progress".

A research on the Palestinian identity in 1948 occupied Palestine, and the compound relationship of the Palestinians with their natural setting. She used the Palestinian Gazelle as a visual metaphor showing the complex historical state experienced by Palestinians of 1948 Palestine. Variety and different Art works of this project has been exhibited in Ramallah, Haifa and Bethlehem.

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