Name: Rawan Sharaf


is an art director, curator and researcher. She is interested in the social history of Palestinian visual arts, the institutionalization and politics of the cultural field and the study of the complex dynamic between cultural productions and institutions in a colonial context.

She contributed to the establishment of the Palestinian Art Court - al Hoash in Jerusalem and was its former Director (2006-2013). She managed al Hoash’s series of books on Palestinian art and contributed as as editor and/or author to its publications including the Palestinian Women artists (2008), Palestinian Video Art - Constellation of the Moving Image (2013), Otherwise Occupied (2013) and Floating Free (2015) and the monographs of Sliman Mansour (2011) and Bashir Makhoul (2012).  She co-curated the exhibition Otherwise Occupied at the 55th International Art Exhibition - Venice Biennale 2013.  She has several articles and essays published in books and on various digital platforms.

She holds a PhD from Birmingham City University – UK  2019, and is currently a lecturer at the Art and Design Faculty at Birzeit University, and works with Al Hoash on the development of the Visual Art Resource Programme.

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