Name: Basel EL Maqosui



B.in Gaza City in 1971, Visual artist and freelancer photographer, he learned art rules in YMCA Art Program in Gaza 1995. During years 2000, 2001 and 2003, he attended the summer Academy of Arts at Darat al Funun (Khalid Shoman Foundation) in Jordan, under super vision by Syrian-German artist Marwan Kassab-Bachi.
In 2003 he was awarded the “Charles Asprey Award - UK” for Palestinian creatives. And he was nominated by A.M. Qattan Foundation’s Artist of the Year Award, for the art residency in Bangalore - India.
EL Maqousi was participated in a number of local and international solo and group exhibitions, and won the bronze prize for “The best photo competition” from the Union of Arab photographers - Europ, Germany 2008, he also won the Oscar of Biennale “Nile culture TV” in Cairo on 2009.
Basel was selected to attend several international art residencies; 2016 The art residency in Connecticut – America. 2013 A scholarship from UNESCO and the Carnac Foundation in Algeria. 2013, The art residency and workshop in Bergen, Norway. He teaches art and crafts for children and young through working with NGO’s in Gaza Strip.And he is one of Shababeek Art Atelier’s founders.

Close to Home landscape

size: 166x105cm

year: 2018

Price: $3700

Jerusalem is Ours

size: 124x167cm

year: 2018

Price: $3600

love life landscape

size: 167x123cm

year: 2018

Price: $4200

Jerusalem is ours landscape

size: 104x167cm

year: 2018

Price: $2800

Churches City landscape

size: 60 × 155 cm

year: 2018

Price: $3200

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