Name: Sohail Salem



Sohail Salem was born in Palestine - Gaza in December 1974, he received B.A. of  Fine Arts from Al-Aqsa University in 1999. He is a co-founder of Eltiqa Group of Contemporary Arts. He obtained a residency in Jordan - Amman "September Summer Academy for arts" Darat Al Funun, Khalid Shoman Foundation, Supervised by the Artist Marwan Kassab  Bashi in 2001 and 2003, a residency in Switzerland - Geneva "Arts place de l'ile" 2005, and a Residency in City International des Arts - France,Paris in 2010. He participated in many local and international exhibitions.  Sohail produced four personal exhibitions, and worked as a teacher of Fine Arts for one year at the University of the Al-Aqsa University. He was a supervisor in a program of contemporary arts "GCAP" in gallery Eltiqa 2014.
Sohail lives in Gaza and works in Graphic design and fine arts.

Bag on chair

size: 100x80cm

year: 2014

Price: $3200


size: 80x70cm

year: 2014

Price: $2200


size: 100x100cm

year: 2015

Price: $3500


size: 100x100cm

year: 2018

Price: $2500

Tree 2016

size: 160x200cm

year: 2016

Price: $9000

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